Parents: 4 Telltale Signs That You're Raising A Creative Child

Children have beautiful vivid imaginations in which they can paint pictures of fantasy worlds and fairy princess best friends. It shouldn't be hard to tell when you have a creative child in your home, but in case you were wondering, here are the four biggest signs that signal your little one has an amazing gift.

#1 Their Artistic Side Knows No Bounds

Yes, that can sometimes mean you catch them drawing on the walls. Creative kids are fuelled by inspiration, no matter where or when it comes. They also love to explore working with different mediums, like mud...

#2 They Love An Audience

Nothing makes them beam with pride like singing their own musical number for dinner guests, a line of stuffed animals or strangers in the park. They want their art work displayed all over the house for others to see and not a single piece to be left out.

#3 They Tell Elaborate Tales

My friend's 2 year old once told me as I was babysitting her that she had flown on a dragon's back from where she used to live (down the street) to her new house. Completely out of the blue, and with no further context. Creative children love storytelling, whether verbally or through pictures or playing.

#4 They Have An Imaginary Friend

Don't be alarmed if you're asked to add extra seating at supper for, oh, George The Mouse. And don't be surprised if they're offended by the fact that you can't see him.

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