Parents: Grab all the Sex You Can

I recently wrote an article about new research that was being done that found that childless couples were happier than their counterparts with children.  It was an interesting insight into just how hard it is to maintain a healthy relationship with the demands of children.  Interestingly enough, it wasn't the children that made a marriage was the lack of time spent together being a couple.

In the same research done by Open University, fathers were twice as likely to list 'lack of sex' as what they disliked most about their relationship.  Something that's not exactly surprising.  While children might not enhance one's love life, they do send personal happiness soaring.

So after you've taken the requisite six weeks off after the birth of your child it is imperative that parents try to find every opportunity to have sex.  Parenting, especially learning how to handle a newborn is exhausting and it can cause rifts in a relationship.  There's nothing worse than feeling cut off from sleep all together and then feeling as if you and your partner are more like ships passing in the night than a couple.

Remember when there weren't little feet running around the house?  You used to talk about more than just kids?  Keep that up.  Try for a date night twice a month if you can manage it and if you can't, don't spend your time watching tv.  Shut off the television and connect.

Open University found that the happiest couples were ones that took time out during the week to have a little cup of tea (or coffee) and simply sat down and talked with their partner.  There was a reason you fell in love in the first place and decided to have children.  Have sex.  Talk a lot.  Don't begrudge yourself the private time with your spouse or partner.  Sex and date nights do wonders for a relationship.

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