The Park Is Open

The new Jurassic Park movie trailer is here and it promises viewers everything they’ve ever dreamed of (and can probably well imagine since we already saw it all in the previous Jurassic Park movies):
  • A live dinosaur theme park situated on a remote island.
  • Slightly naive parents who happily ship their children off to said island on their own.
  • The promise of a new hybrid dinosaur no one can predict or control.
  • The expected escape of this prehistoric predator.
  • Complete madness and terror as the happy-go-lucky tourists on the island try to outrun this 40-foot monster.
  • The thrill of watching Harrison Ford lookalike Chris Pratt try to save them all.
It has everything a blockbuster needs: Action, suspense, pandemonium and eye candy in the form of the aforementioned Pratt (Yes!). I mean, that slowed-down version of the classic theme song alone convinces me to go see this movie. The movie comes out June 12th, 2015.  I’m in. Are you?

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