Pay Less to Workout More

Wouldn't it be awesome to pay less and less the more you work out? You can bet your boots that a lot of people would spend more time at the gym just to be able to save on their monthly gym memberships! That's half of the concept behind the FitMob website and app, which was launched just last week. The purpose of the website and app is to promote classes outside of the gym - helping people to get motivated doing unusual workouts in unusual places.

You can find workouts ranging from martial arts classes to twerking lessons, and you can choose where and when you want to work out. The beauty of the program: the more you work out, the less you pay. FitMob charges $15 for the first class you attend, but it drops to $10 for both if you attend more than one session in a week. If you attend 3 classes, you pay just $5 per class - meaning you spend the same amount on three lessons as you do on one. If there was ever an incentive to get your workout in, a nice discount is always a good one! The beauty of this concept is that anyone can do any workout at any time and any place they choose! All levels are welcome in the classes, and they can be found pretty much every place outside of the gym. You can find workouts in parking lots, parks, and other open spaces that can be rented for the class. Classes can be run by just about anyone, but their sessions are rated by those attending them. The best classes will become the most popular, meaning more people will attend them. It's a great incentive for fitness trainers to teach classes that students will love. Right now the program is located in San Francisco, but the goal is to spread not just around the country, but to provide this service all around the world. Sign me up!

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