Are PDAs a Sign of a Better Relationship?

We've all seen it: somebody with their tongue stuck down their partner's throat at the mall, or a couple across the room sharing a little too much physical contact. Do you have that friend who is so obnoxiously affectionate with their dates that it makes you queezy? It turns out, there just may be something to their offputting displays of affection, as told by a study done at The University of Ohio. According to this study, sharing close moments and expressing your love increases the likelihood of your relationship contentedness. I hope they also do a study correlating butter application to toast and it's softness. I'm not sure wither I'm in favor of more public displays of affection or not, as I'm quite personally shy - but for me, I'm happy saving my lovey-dovey attitude for my private life. But that leads me to think...

When should we draw the line in the sand?

Knowing now that the happiest couples are often those you see nuzzling each other at the cafe, office or wherever they may be, may help us all understand why, exactly, they do it. They simply want to, with blatent disregard for the rest of the world.  I know the difference between a quick peck or holding hands and a couple trying to say, "We're here! Together! See us?" with their kanoodling and feeling in public. But surely even they know when to call it quits, right? Maybe not. At what point does an innocent, playful kiss turn into something deeper, something maybe more suited to the bedroom? What do you think is "too much" love to show for your partner in public?

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