Pebble - it's more than just a watch.

Isn't it great when fashion and fitness collide? Bonus points when they have a three-way with function.

That's my new watch - Pebble. It's crazy high-tech and looks amazing (especially mine, cuz it's white and fresh).

Other than just telling time it hooks up to my phone so I get notification of emails and text messages. There's a bunch of cool apps that you can download (or develop) for it as well, but that's not why I love it so much.

The first draw was that it syncs up with my Runkeeper app. This is extremely important as I train for an upcoming marathon. Normally I wear my phone in my armband but checking my pace/distance/time can be really awkward while running. Now it's just a simple glance at my wrist and I get to use the same app I've used all along to track my training.

But yesterday was the big win when I found - *wait for it* - an interval timer! A quick install of the app and I can create custom intervals to BodyRock to. Instead of a beep I get a little buzz on my wrist to let me know when it's time to switch from burpees to dive bombers (which is an uber bonus for those sleeping while I get my early morning workouts in).

I never thought I'd wear a fashion accessory while working out but this one is it!



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