People Aren’t Failing Diets, Diets Are Failing People

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, a doctor dedicated to non-surgical weight management, and author of the book “The Diet Fix: Why Everything You’ve Been Taught About Dieting is Wrong and How to Fix It” sits down for an interview with the Toronto Star about why diets don’t work. dietsfailpeople He discusses some of the main misconceptions surrounding diets, the stigma around obesity, and some ways to maintain a healthy weight without resorting to dieting. The biggest misconception that society has is that you are a personal failure if you gain back your weight. This can lead to a term I had never heard before, but which makes perfect sense: Post Traumatic Diet Disorder. The guilt and shame that comes from failing a diet can lead to depression and other problems in your daily life, which is something Dr. Freedhoff sees quite often in his line of work. Lische In his book he outlines what he calls the 10 day reset, which is used to retune a person’s attitude towards, and relationship with food and weight management. It works by reorganizing and finding the best approach every 10 days, using a food diary not as a judgment tool but to help us make an informed decision in regards to our own personal eating habits. He also discusses why our environment makes it hard to remain healthy, the perils of dining out, and the importance of treating yourself in moderation. It’s all pretty basic health information that I’m sure we’ve heard before, but it’s nice that a medical professional is backing up these common sense health habits. deardiet He finishes the interview by talking about his own personal food cravings, he’s a potato chip fiend, so he will eat them in moderation, and when he does eat them he thoroughly enjoys them. Dr. Freedhoff is all about enjoying your food temptations in moderation, that cutting them out entirely will eventually backfire. He’s even written prescriptions for chocolate, pizza, ice cream, or any food his patients feel they can’t eat when trying to lose weight. Can he be my doctor? And does my health insurance cover burritos?  

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