Do people who exercise make more money?

When exercising, I always feel better about myself, my self-confidence and body image is higher. This got me thinking what else improves when exercising? Energy, sex drive, muscles… What about my bank account, does that increase when working out? Do people who exercise make more money? A study done at Cleveland State University found that people who exercise three or more times a week make around 10% more money than those who don’t. They also found people who exercise one to three times per month make 5% more money than those who don’t exercise at all. Even people who occasionally exercise still make more money than those who don’t, yet another reason why a gym membership is a better investment than a cable subscription. Professor Kosteas lead of the study said “Regular physical activity has been linked to improve mental function, psychological wellbeing and energy levels, all of which can result in increased productivity and translating into higher earnings.” I am a perfect example of this study. I have always been an active person but since I started working out five to six times a week I have made more money than ever before. I have more energy to finish tasks during my day. I am more creative and follow my passions when exercising and eating healthy on a regular basis and I’ve seen it leads to more money. Another study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that financial incentives encourage people to exercise. Once people find out they can make more money just for exercising  three or more times a week, I think that will be a great financial incentive. By reading this article you just found out how to increase your income by 10%! So next time you are debating whether or not to work out remember if you do, you will increase your billfold.  

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