People Who Believe They Are Overweight Will Gain More Pounds

A new study has found an interesting dynamic in place with people who don't concentrate too hard on their weight, and people who are extremely weight conscious. Dr. Eric Robinson of the University of Liverpool helped conduct the study which followed patients from childhood to adulthood. It charted the patients weight gain and self-image issues. The results were shocking. Those who were more stressed about being overweight or becoming overweight actually gained more pounds than those who weren't as concerned. thinking overweight leads to stress Stress resulted in the patients attempting to ignore their emotions and subsequently overeating to relieve them. A vicious cycle emerged of stress-induced overeating, and weight gain which caused more stress. "Even if they’re a normal weight to begin with, if their method of dealing with stress is to eat, they’re going to gain weight." Dr. Robinson explains. Eating was not the soul problem in the way the patients managed their anxieties. Alcohol, stimulants, sugary treats and even excessive shopping were all measured as release mechanisms. Those who had a more positive perception of their weight and were less concerned with the number on the scale were less stressed, and gained fewer pounds over the long-term study period. "You would hope that making a person aware they are overweight would result in them being more likely to adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight. What is important is to tackle stigma in society. People with a heavier bodyweight have body image challenges. That is not surprising given the way we talk about weight as a society." says Dr. Robinson. What are your thoughts? Do you agree that stress leads to unhealthy choices? Source: Daily Mail  

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