Personal Trainer Reveals How Jennifer Lawrence Got Her Incredible Body

As usual, Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet this past weekend. Lawrence has declared herself a proud eater of pizza and is an outspoken critic of impossible Hollywood beauty standards. She seems to be able to maintain a fun loving, carefree, lifestyle AND her enviable figure. This leaves many of us wondering, how does she do it? Thanks to her former trainer, Dalton Wong, we don't have to wonder any longer! Simply put, Lawrence eats the right foods at the right times and does exercise that works for her. Wong first met Lawrence in 2010 when he trained her for 3 months in preparation for her role as Mystique in X-Men: First Class. Wong provided Lawrence with the foundation she needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle. "I could never live on a diet," she explains, "Dalton taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always thank him for that." During their time working together, their daily workouts included running, weight lifting, yoga, and resistance training. "We would do high intensity workouts in the mornings, such as cardio, and then relaxing stuff in the evenings, like yoga," explains Wong. "Some days I would just take her to have a massage." Wong taught Lawrence lessons about fitness and nutrition that she continues to use today. And these habits have stuck because Wong believes that balance is the key. He says that during her training, Lawrence was still able to go out with her friends and live a 'normal' life. "It’s ok to have these lovely things in life, as long as you make sure that you exercise, and eat fruit and vegetables as well," Wong explains. There is no need to give up the foods you love completely. In fact, Wong claims that while training Lawrence, he didn't have to change her diet at all, he just had to educate her about keeping her eating habits balanced and eating the right foods, at the right time of day. (Want balanced eating habits? Try the 30 day BodyRock Meal Plan).

"It’s not about starvation diets," he says, "it’s about eating protein, a lot of vegetables, colourful foods, and foods that are dense in nutrition, like greens."  Wong also taught Lawrence, "why you need to have healthy carbohydrates, and why it’s not good to have processed foods and refined sugar." One thing Wong advocates is eating all your proteins at breakfast and lunch, saying that this will help keep you feeling full all day, reducing your urge to snack. When you eat proteins at night, your body will go into high gear trying to digest them which can prevent you from getting enough sleep. Sleep, being a key component in weight loss.

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When it comes to exercise, Wong believes that you should "only exercise to what your body allows you to." He believes that working out should make you feel better and happier, it shouldn't make you feel worse. "If you’re stressed at work, and had planned to do an exercise class that is high intensity, your body might not be resilient enough to cope with it," he explains.

Wong's training programs are built around helping his clients find the exercises that work best for them. There is a time and place for going all out, and there is a time and place for gentle exercise. Listen to your body and balance your high intensity workouts with things like yoga, Pilates, and meditation.

He does not believe that any one plan will work for everyone, saying, "my most important advice is that everyone should learn to be their own nutritionist, and their own trainer."

We are sure that the majority of you are not training to star in an X-Men movie but you can easily apply many of these principles to your own life. Give yourself room to enjoy dinning out or your favourite treats, but make sure that the majority of the time, you are eating meals that consist of proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, and whole, fresh, fruits and vegetables. It is important to move your body everyday, but it isn't necessary to move your body in the same way everyday. If you feel strong and jazzed up, bust out your killer HIIT workout, if you are a feeling tired or run down, it is okay to skip the HIIT for a restorative yoga practice. The exercises that are right for you are the exercises that you will do. Move your body every day, but listen to what it is looking for.

Do these sound like practices you can adopt in your life?

Source: Daily Mail

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