Is Your Personality Causing You to Cheat On Your Diet?

Dieting is hard--there's no two ways about it! When you have to force yourself to NOT eat something that you really, really want, it feels like you're dying a small, agonizing death. Self-restraint is not a talent that everyone has, and it may be incredibly difficult to say "no" to that delicious food or drink. According to a study published in Science Direct in January 2015, your personality has a lot to do with the way you approach food. It can have a huge effect on your eating habits and your success in your diet. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="742"] Source:[/caption] What type of personality do you have? You're agreeable and easy to get along with. If this is you, you're likely to eat a lot less red meat. You're open to new and awesome experiences. Can you identify with this personality type? You probably have an easier time eating your fruits and veggies, and you tend to eat less red meat and drink few soft drinks. You're conscientious in life as well as in your diet. You tend to eat more fruit, you are fairly restrained in your eating habits, and you tend to eat less red meat. You also "pleasure eat" less often, meaning you eat fewer sweet and savory foods and soft drinks. You're a bit neurotic. Sadly, a lot of us are! Neurotic behavior PROMOTES external eating (eating for pleasure rather than for fuel), which means you probably eat more sweet and savory foods. You're an extravert and you like spending time around others. This isn't a bad thing, but your personality type means that you are more likely to "pleasure eat"--meaning a lot more sweets, savory foods, meat, and soft drinks for you! What this study shows is that the more neurotic and emotional among us tend to eat those emotions, leading to poor food choices. Those who are conscientious tend to be more restrained in their eating habits, and they make better eating choices. Here's an odd one: being more sociable is better for your health, but it's worse for your eating habits! Hanging around others and going out all the time can lead to poor food choices. What's the point of all of this? Simple: understanding how your personality affects your eating habits can help you to address the problems and control your tendencies. It's the only way to stick to your diet the right way!  
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