Pet Parents: Don’t let your pets perish this summer

The majority of pet owners can easily remember the first time they say their fur baby, and can remember how they felt, the first day home, and of course, the first night. (Probably no sleep.)

Most people (thank God) are spectacular pet owners - but there is always the exception that proves the rule. You might assume some pet advisories would go without saying, but it’s kind of like directions on the back of a shampoo bottle; you’d THINK it wasn’t necessary to tell people how to clean their hair, but alas, it is. Incidents occur time and time again - except this time it is much worse than getting soap in your eyes or forgetting to thoroughly condition your tips.

Your pets are precious, and their love is unconditional, but even the best of pet parents can forget that they are (pardon the phrase) human too.

We know it’s summertime and the living’s easy, but as you run out to get some last minute BBQ supplies at the store, remember:

You should never leave your pet alone in the car. Period. Pets cannot control or regulate their body temperature like humans can, which means they keep far more heat than we keep. Short faced dogs like pugs, boxers and bulldogs are particularly susceptible to this unfortunate characteristic, since their short noses mean they cannot pant as effectively. OK, running into the gas station to pay and out is one thing, but a half hour grocery shop? NO. Never. Notta. Don’t.

More and more people are calling animal control about dogs/cats (mostly dogs) in cars. Sure, you may only have been in the store for 5 minutes, but no one else knows that. Keep it safe.

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