Photographing Your Yoga Practice

Instagram yoga celebrity (yes, that’s a real thing) Laura Kasperzak, or her handle @laurasykora says in a recent well+good interview that there’s far more than internet fame to be gained by photographing her yoga practice. Like, the adorable-ness of her mother daughter yoga photos, but more importantly to check alignment and track progress. yogaphotoLaura-Sykora   yogaphotoLaura-Sykora-2 I’m an incredibly sweaty mess during my yoga practice, but the pictures of Laura Sykora look so gorgeous I might have to reconsider my position. It would have to be non-hot yoga for sure, though, and maybe if I straightened my hair first. Plus, my favourite local yoga studio, Power Yoga Canada, has a pose of the month challenge, where their favourite photo wins a 5-class pass, so I guess I’ll have to download the TimerCam app and get click happy. Maybe I’ll end up joining one of the many Instagram yoga challenges going around too, #ACROVINYASA looks amazing, or I could try out Laura Sykora’s own challenge, #BalanceBasics. yogaphotoLaura-Sykora-1 MAYBE I’ll end up being a yoga Instagram celebrity myself! (Probably not, although I can imagine a video of me wiping out multiple times in crow pose might go viral)

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