Photos of People Next To Their Daily Food

This fascinating photography project from photography team/married couple Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio shows people from around the world next to their daily diets. Now, this isn’t a perfect representation of the average caloric intake for people from all walks of life – it’s not meant to be. These people are just strangers that Peter and Faith met on their travels, this isn’t an exact scientific study, just a very cool photography subject, that happens to have some information attached. 23foodpeoplephotosMunna Munna Kailash, Bicycle Rickshaw Driver, India – 2,400 Calories    23foodNoolkisaruni Noolkisaruni Tarakuai, Third Wife of a Maasai Chief – 800 Calories    23foodAhmed Ahmed Swaid Ahmed Ahmed Swaid, Qat Merchant, Yemen – 3,300 Calories   23foodLeland Melvin Leland Melvin, NASA Astronaut, Outer Space – 2,700 Calories   23foodNguyen Theo Nguyen Theo, Rice Farmer, Vietnam – 2,500 Calories   23foodFelipe Adams Felipe Adams, Iraq War Veteran, California – 2,100 Calories     23foodTiffany Whitehead Tiffany Whitehead, Amusement Park Ride Supervisor, Minnesota – 1,900 Calories   23foodRuma Akhter Ruma Akhter, Seamstress, Bangladesh – 1,800 Calories   23foodSaleh Abdul Fadlallah Saleh Abdul Fadlallah, Camel Broker, Egypt – 3,200 Calories   23foodCurtis Newcomer Curtis Newcomer, US Army Soldier, Mojave Desert – 4,000 Calories   23foodDin Memon Din Memon, Taxi Driver, Chicago – 2,000 Calories   23foodConrad Tolby Conrad Tolby, Truck Driver, Illinois– 5,400 Calories   23foodMariel Booth Mariel Booth, Model and Student, New York – 2,400 Calories   23foodKatherine Navas Katherine Navas, High Schooler, Venezuela – 4,000 Calories   23foodSolange Da Silva Correia Solange Da Silva Correia, Rancher’s Wife, Brazil – 3,400 Calories   23foodCoco Simone Coco Simone Finken, Vegetarian, Canada – 1,900 Calories   23foodsWillie Ishulutak Willie Ishulutak, Soapstone Carver, Canada – 4,700 Calories   23foodLan Guihua Lan Guihua, Farmer, China – 1,900 Calories   23foodMaria Ermelinda Ayme Sichigalo Maria Ermelinda Ayme Sichigalo, Mother of Eight, Ecuador – 3,800 Calories   This project is now a photo book entitled “What I Eat: Around The World in 80 Diets”, providing even more information about the subjects. I like the pairing of photos and facts: where they’re from, what they do, how many calories they eat, what their lifestyle is like; but the photos are the portion that turn these people into more than a statistic, it turns this into a statement. What that statement is, I’m not really sure, maybe that food is universal? Culture is intrinsically tied to diet? I’ll have to read the book and find out.

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