Pilates Full Body Blast

Admittedly I do not do enough full-body workouts. I love doing targeted workouts because I feel like I get results faster (even though that's not really true). But today I forced myself to do a little bit of everything and I ended up kicking my own ass with this pilates fusion-y workout and loving it.

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Full Body Blast

  10 Butt Kicks 10 High Knees 10 Butt Kicks 10  High Knees 10 Butt Kicks 10 High Knees 20 Full Squats 20 Tricep Dips 30 Shoulder Bridge 30 Russian Twists 20 Walking Lunges 20 Pushups 30 Shoulder Bridge 15 Teaser 15 Table Top Crunches 20 Jump Lunges 20 Bicep Curls 20 Shoulder Bridge 20 Table Top Oblique Crunches (left) 20 Table Top Oblique Crunches (right) 20 Ball Plank Roll Ins + Pushup 10 Butt Kicks 10 High Knees 10 Butt Kicks 10  High Knees 10 Butt Kicks 10 High Knees   Full-Body-Pilates


**The only one I couldn't find a proper video for was the oblique crunches. You'd perform this the same way you would the table top crunches, but instead of coming up to the middle, you'll come up and twist your elbow to the opposite knee. If you really want to make this a challenge, extend the other leg. So as you come up, twist your right elbow towards your left knee while straightening your right leg. It's like a Bicycle crunch, but one side at a time** Bicycle_Crunch           High Knees: Butt Kicks: Full Squats: Tricep Dip: Shoulder Bridge: Russian Twists: Teaser: Table Top Crunches: Lunge Jumps: Table Top Oblique Crunches (This video is of the bicycle crunch, but they are very similar in execution. The only difference is with the table top crunches, you do not alternate)   Ball Plank + Roll In (add in the pushup when you're in a full plank:

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