Pinterest's Side Effects

There's something rather incredible about the entire theory behind Pinterest.  Instead of trying to remember that one amazing swimsuit you saw online and forgetting where it was, it's not searchable on your own boards.  A virtual pin board.  Everything you've ever seen and liked online-at your fingertips.

There's no more searching through hundreds of wedding magazines trying to figure out a theme.  There's an entire board for that compiled from what every Pinterest user has pinned on weddings.  There are ideas for DIY home decor, organizing, children's rooms, the world of the internet in pictures.

There's also the unheralded side effect of Pinterest.  One that's most keenly felt by moms, recently engaged women, and home owners.  Pinterest has a way of making us feel keenly aware of our shortcomings.  I'm a mother and a part time DIYer.  I endeavor to give my daughter wonderful birthday parties, to have my closets perfectly organized, to clean my house in the right way.

But I'm not super mom.  Or super wife.  The never ending amount of pins on DIY home decor and children's birthday parties and chemical free cleaning has a way of making me feel incredibly inadequate.  I can't transform my house into a fairy castle for my daughter's birthday party because I'm not that talented and I don't have the time or the funds.  But there are moms out there who can.  Pinterest has this wonderful side effect of making us feel our own shortcomings more deeply.  Shouldn't I be doing all these fine motor skill crafts with my daughter instead of trying to clean the house and do the dishes and fold laundry?

I love Pinterest for all of the great ideas I can get from the site and when I find new online shops with great prices.  What I don't love is the feeling that my life should be Pinterest perfect.  I'm just a mom who is trying to make it to the next day.

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