Pissed Off And Proud Workout

25 Reps Per Exercise For a Total Of 375 Reps! Workout Break Down 1. Push Up Tricep Dip Using the Equalizer 2. Bear Crawl 3. Swimmers Abs using the Equalizer 4. Chest Fly and Press using the Power Blocks 5. Ugi Crunch using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball *** The guys at Equalizer are offering BodyRockers an exclusive $20 off the same equalizer that Lisa uses into today’s video. If you are thinking of getting one for your workouts, click Equalizer and enter the CODE: BodyRockEQ20 If you missed Sean's Full Body Routine Give This A Go!!! We share our workouts. We share our lives with you so you can feel like your working out with a friend. We want you to know us better than you would know a PT at the local gym. Thats why we bring you into our home, take you on our travels and share our lives with you. The platform or context was not designed as an e-commerce engine. We don't have a $100 DVD set. There is not a "coach" program or any other kind of multi-level marketing funnel. We are not planning on pay-walls, subscriptions or clubs. BodyRock will always be free. If you are waiting to see who is genuine and who is designing their program just to make a buck wait and see who tries to sell you a DVD or club membership first - it won't be us. This is not a cult. You guys get pissed off with us all the time. We listen. We try harder. Sometimes we get pissed off back. Lisa, Sean, Paul (our amazing editor) and Myself are the full crew that keep this rolling. If someone writes something cruel in the comments we: A) forgive B) delete C) Ban D) Try and not dwell on it - even when it stings. This June, we will have been doing this for 5 years. Our first video was watched 87 times. Today just over 500,000 people watch our videos every day. I believe that there are over 1 million people out there that would benefit from working out with us every single day. We have some work to do. There have been many BodyRock couples meet on the site - at least one of these couples were recently married. Our workouts have been followed by soldiers from all over the world - including those on active duty in Iraq & Afghanistan. They are also popular with first responders - firefighters, paramedics and police. One of the biggest challenges has been in bringing in guest hosts. All new hosts will be under contract before they appear in their first video. Despite having been written up in publications like The New York Times Magazine, Self, Shape, The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail and The Huffington Post, we still feel like we are largely under the radar. No one has yet fully told our story. This fall we traveled to LA, Miami and NYC and researched all of the top fitness classes and bootcamps that are being offered at the really posh fitness clubs. We are bringing our interpretation of these workouts to a new weekly schedule when we relaunch this month. Yes Lisa and I are a couple. Sean is my little brother. There are 4 years between us. If you have an issue with celebrating the beauty, strength awe inspiring marvel that is the human body then you will likely take issue with our approach to fitness. Yes our content is provocative - but thats how we like it. No we won't change who we are. Get over it. Lisa has had less "plastic surgery" and overall modifications than other people that have stood in front of the BodyRock cameras - she has just chosen to be honest and open about it and yes I know that this comment will piss a lot of people off. Anything anyone choses to do to themselves is ultimately their choice and for their own reasons. Without knowing them, or having taken the time to speak to them about it making a cruel judgement or attacking them for it is more of a statement about the person making the insult. Around here attacking a fellow BodyRocker gets you banned. Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Main Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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