Pitch These Common Household Items: The Expiry Dates You Never Knew Existed

We're all familiar with expiration dates. The milk stamped with the best before date or that fruit that has started to spoil are entirely obvious. But what about those things in your house, some you use every day, that aren't so obvious? Here's the low down on 7 items you may want to replace IMMEDIATELY:

1. Pillows: 6 months

How long your pillow will last depends on quality and filling, according to Neville Moore, managing director or bedding company Slumber Slumber. He says, "It's easy to get used to sleeping on thin, lumpy, sub-standard pillows, but they can lead to neck and back pain — and, if not washed and cared for correctly, can fill with dirt, oil, dead skin and dust mites, which can exacerbate allergies such as asthma. A good pillow should support your head and neck and keep them aligned with your spine when you are lying down."

2. Toothbrushes: 30 days

Dr Amer Saeed, clinical director of London dental practice Garden Square Dental, says, "A combination of wear and tear and poor brush maintenance can cause a huge build up of bacteria which can lead to contamination of the gums and possible infection."

3. Bras: 8 months

This one broke my heart a little. It is hard to say goodbye to a favourite bra! But, even a high quality bra can lose its ability to support after 8 months.

4. Scourers: 7 days

Keeping your sponges too long can mean you are spreading bacteria EVERYWHERE! Tests have discovered that there can be up to 10 million bacteria living in one square inch of sponge. Eek.

5. Cycle Helmets: 3 years

Helmets for children should be replaced even more often than this due to their growing heads.

6. Bleach: 7 months

After you've opened the bottle, it takes just three months before it begins to break down and becomes less effective.

7. Trainers: 6 months

After you've walked or run 500 miles in them, your trainers start to lose their flexibility. Good information to know! Anything on this list you need to get rid of immediately? Source: Cosmopolitan    

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