Plank Exercise: The Dolphin Plank

Dolphin Plank is one of many plank exercises and is often mistaken for standard plank pose - but there is a marked difference. The Dolphin Plank Exercise is one of the most intense core exercises since it takes a lot of the work out of your arms and puts it right in your abs. We likey! So, here’s the deal: This looks like a simple move, but there are a bunch of intricacies you’ll have to master to get all the benefits of this plank exercise.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Begin by coming down to the floor, place your inner forearms and elbows flat on the ground. Step your feet back straight behind you so your head is aligned with your spine. Make sure your hips are parallel with the floor and your abs are engaged to support your lower back and prevent injury. Engage your shoulder blades and pull them away from your spine. Step 2: Squeeze your quads and press them up toward the ceiling while simultaneously resisting with your tailbone toward the floor. You want to feel your whole body lengthen from head to heels. Look down at the floor. Keep your eyes and head soft. Breathe deeply, exhale fully. Try holding for 30 seconds to start, and then challenge yourself by going longer and longer. You can tack this plank exercise onto your core routine or the end of any workout. It’s also a great core workout for commercial breaks!

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