Plants have Protein

Prepared to have your mind blown! I'm here to tell you that you can get protein from plants. You actually get protein from every whole food you consume. Most people think you can only get protein from animal protein such as meats, eggs and cheese but I'm here to tell you- that is a MYTH! I know it's shocking and will probably upset a lot of people especially people in the meat industry. I started researching other ways of getting protein a couple months ago because I didn't feel good after eating meat or dairy, they both gave me stomach aches. I realize that isn't the case for everyone but it was the case for me so I decided to learn more about everything I was consuming. I wanted to see if I could cut out meat and dairy and still get the vitamins, nutrients and PROTEINS I needed. I learned the following just by doing some research. Some animal proteins are too high in cholesterol and saturated fats and low in fiber, which makes them not an ideal candidate for protein. We can find protein in legumes, nuts, seeds, quinoa, vegetables, fruits and much more. Since I am passionate about fitness and exercise I need my body to function at its peak performance, I was excited to find out that many athletes, body-builders and marathon runners are vegan, vegetarian and even raw with a plant-based diet. I might be in a minority but I wasn't alone. Certain vegetables have higher sources of proteins than others. Broccoli, asparagus and spinach are three vegetables that can be a good substitute for animal protein in your diet. Broccoli- One cup= 5.7 grams of protein Asparagus- 8 spears= 3.08 grams protein Spinach- One cup= 5.35 grams of protein Enjoy exploring new ways of getting protein without meat or dairy. See if you feel better and have more energy than before.    

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