Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On Whether Butt Implants Can Really "Explode"

As a follow up to our article regarding a woman's derriere implants supposedly "exploding" after doing squats, an expert plastic surgeon weighs in on the science behind this story. According to reports, a woman by the name of Serena was hospitalized following a gym session where her botched butt cheeks exploded. The story has been covered by countless online sources, but has been questioned for it's legitimacy. Plastic surgeon and butt augmentation specialist Matthew Schulman, M.D. says the story is simply a fabrication. Why? Because butt implants can not explode. Even the most sketchy, back alley unlicensed surgeon would have to use standard implants. These implants are made of soft silicone that will not leak, tear or break. The image recounted in the case of Serena the Instagram star is that her implants popped within her. This scientifically can not happen. “Women with fuller butts and curves are constantly seen on television and in the magazines, and this has become the new normal.” Dr. Schulman says about the growing popularity of booty surgeries. He calls it "The Kardashian Effect". As for the botched butt story? It has been confirmed that it was a hoax created by a fake news site. What are your thoughts on the story? Did you think it was too odd to be true?  

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