Plastic Surgery For Better Selfies

Triana Lavey, a 38-year old LA resident and talent manager, spent $15,000 on surgeries in order to look like a photohopped version of herself. The surgeries included a chin implant, nose job, fat-grafts in her cheeks, and botox. ABC broadcasted the full story: She explained to ABC’s nightline that her obsession with her looks stemmed from a rise in social media. The flood of pictures of oneself leads to constant nitpicking, and with the advent of quick and easy-to-use photoshop apps, make for unrealistic high standards. It’s this surge of selfie-society that made Lavey undergo these surgeries to look “picture perfect”. photoshop surgery2 I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard of this happening sooner. Not that I think it’s a good idea, or that I necessarily condone cosmetic surgery, but if photoshop makes a person digitally look their best, I’m surprised that more people haven’t translated that specific photoshopped look into a permanent surgery-acquired appearance. I thought technology was supposed to help people, not drive them to use elective surgery.

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