Plus Size Blogger Encourages Women To "Shed Their Clothes" On Social Media

Plus size fashion blogger, Courtney Mina, is on a mission to celebrate body positivity. She told Bustle that she 'struts around the house most days in only underwear and a crown,' but wanted to see what would happen if she shared photos of it with her 38,000 Instagram followers for one week. Mina said she received some 'creepy' comments and some harsh words from trolls but mainly, the response has been positive. Of her photos, she said, "My body is a unique form of beauty. It’s large, fat, curvy, and deliciously feminine, and as a body positivity activist and model, I am more than happy to show it off to the public with pride." With one selfie she says, "I feel like a goddess in this body of mine. It's a symbol of my strength, my sexuality, my identity, my confidence, and my power. No words can bring it down - only lift it higher. That's because my #curvesreign." Mina did address some of the negative comments, including one that said  'U fat whale ur disgusting [sic]'. Her response: "There is nothing that anyone can say that I haven’t already heard. And fat haters are notoriously unoriginal when it comes to insults." She says that many people mask their sizeism by claiming they are concerned for her heath but she insists that size doesn't determine health and that she is completely disease free. Mina admits to being a shy child and that she was bullied for weight growing up but now it doesn't bother her at all. She said she has found this social media experiment to be liberating. "It’s sort of been my huge “eff you” to society, sure, but more importantly it has been my huge “YES you” to the plus-size community and my fellow fat babes." Many positive commentators praised her on her confidence and her fashion sense. One said, "You are so inspiring, and you help me to look in the mirror and love myself, something I never thought I’d be able to do. Thank you." This experiment isn't just about Mina having an opportunity to show off her body, she hopes to encourage other women to do the same. I applaud Mina for loving herself as is. Being overweight may not be the healthiest way to live but if you can't love yourself, no matter your size, you're doomed. Maybe she'll lose weight one day, maybe she won't. None of that is up to us. But what should always be applauded is the ability to accept yourself as you are today. Like it or not, we do exist in a variety of sizes and not everyone wants to be thin. A woman should not feel less attached to her sexy side just because she doesn't fit the cultural norm. Self love is the best way forward, hate and shame can make you stand still. Does this inspire you to love your body as it is in this moment or do you see this a different way? Body positivity or promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle? Share your thoughts in a comment.  


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