The Plus Sized Model Who Showcases Her Bald Head and Cancer Scars

Its fine and all to talk about Kate Upton and Robyn Lawley and how they are “changing” the fashion world and opening eyes to the beauty that can be found in all bodies types.  At the end of the day they are both gorgeous women with beautiful bodies and not a pimple to be found.  They have no visible imperfections. article-2543301-1ADB7E2C00000578-632_634x631 Then there’s Elly Mayday who is determined to show the world that beauty can come in the form of a plus sized lingerie model with a bald head and numerous cancer surgery scars.  She told ABC News that, 'In the lingerie industry, it's not something you do. It's all about long hair and big breasts and arched backs. But it's important to show what real women look like underneath their clothes.' Forever Your Lingerie is the company behind the new campaign. article-2543301-1ADB6AED00000578-332_634x884 Elly did a campaign with them before she was diagnosed with cancer and after they learned about her illness she was asked back.  Elly was photographed bald head, scars, and all.  This is the kind of inspirational story that the fashion industry needs.  This is the change we need to see and to remember that there are real women underneath all of the clothes that are sold. Perhaps its not pretty...but cancer scars never really are.  But it is inspiring and its not boxed up nice and neat into a perfect package.

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