Plus Sized Woman Buys Tank Top Despite Body Shamers

Rachel Taylor was shopping at Old Navy when she heard a conversation between a mother and daughter. She retold the story in a post on Facebook: "Today I was shopping in Old Navy, standing in between a teenage girl and her mom. The girl picked up a plus-size tank top, showed it to her mom and said, “Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!” Her mom laughed and said, “Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!” Being a plus sized woman, Taylor was hurt by this conversation and says "I couldn’t help it; I started crying. I guess the girl and her mom walked away. I have no idea. My husband walked me out of the store to the car. I sat in the car crying for a long time but eventually went back inside to finish my shopping." Instead of letting those hurtful comments deter her, Taylor tried on the tank. And as she says, she looked "fierce" and bought it. After the purchase she posted this selfie to her personal Facebook page and that of Old Navy: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="625"] (Photo: Rachel Taylor/Facebook)[/caption] The two posts have received over 150,000 likes! The Old Navy post included Taylor's description of her experience. Many people praised her, others criticized her as being too sensitive. Taylor stood up once more and said that she was only trying to thank Old Navy for having plus sized options. She went on to say: "Posting a photo on social media is NOT an invitation to criticize, ridicule, or judge someone. Calling me a crybaby, telling me to save my shopping money for therapy, telling me to “do something” about my weight… what does that accomplish other than making yourself look like a fool? Sitting behind a keyboard commenting on someone else’s life doesn’t make you superior; it makes you a troll." In her original post, Taylor says she hopes her picture will help people think before they speak. She also says "if someone hurts you, you have to move on." I think she did the right thing. How about you? Source: Buzzfeed

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