#PlusIsEqual Appears In Vogue As A Powerful Body Positive Campaign

"It's about time!" Tweets Lane Bryant about the news that this beautiful campaign is going mainstream. plus is equal campaign #PlusIsEqual is a campaign that will be featured in this September's issue of Vogue. It features the silhouettes of six plus-sized women and had a powerful message for readers. “The average US woman has always been represented by models that weigh less, but within 17 years their average weight has dropped significantly." the website for the campaign states. In 1995, models were 8% smaller than the average American woman. Now, they are over 23% smaller and dropping. It is no surprise that there is an alarming lack of body diversity in the world of fashion. That is why it is so important that this campaign is featured in a fashion-forward publication. It is the vision of #PlusIsEqual to create a future where curvy women have more of place in the industry. With inspirational plus-size models like Ashley Graham coming into the spotlight, society may be getting closer to this vision. ashley graham body positive "I felt free, once I realized I was never going to fit the narrow mold that society wanted me to fit in. I was never going to be perfect enough for an industry that defines perfection from the outside in, and that's okay." Ashley explained in a recent TedTalk about body image and society. Are you excited to see more diversity in the fashion industry? Source: Bustle  

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