Poached Egg (1 Video) - Great Protein Breakfast

Hi Everyone, As I told you in yesterdays Post - Here. This is how easy it is to cook a healthy breakfast in just a few seconds. How to poach an egg with just boiling water - Great Protein Breakfast  Watch The Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIto8QIq0fw Please share your tips & tricks & healthy recipes below that don't require too much faff & are healthy & enjoyable. Tip: If you add a drop of white wine vinegar to the water it will make the egg bind better, but practice makes perfect @ the end of the day - the first one you do will be a disaster lol believe me so don't be disheartened (Why do you think I practiced on one before I filmed it lol)   Love Always L xx Get More in MyBlog - Here   

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