Poached Egg - Great Protein Breakfast

Hi BodyRockers, I love soft poached eggs, especially on a spinach salad. This is how easy it is to cook a cheap & healthy breakfast, or lunch in just a few minute's with just water. . How to poach an egg with just boiling water - Video: . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIto8QIq0fw . Tip1: If you add a drop of white wine vinegar to the water it will make the egg bind better, but practice makes perfect @ the end of the day - the first one you do will be a disaster lol believe me so don't be disheartened (Even I practiced on one before I filmed this lol) Tip2: If you are in a rush, or while you get ready for work - add 2 eggs in a cup, season with chilli or salt & pepper etc. Place them into the microwave until cooked (about 90 seconds) - perfect when you are on the move. - eggs in a cup ... ta-dar  lol Tip3: Hard Boil 6 + eggs at once and put them in the fridge for meals, or for snacks, this stops you reaching for naughty things ;) . Share your tips, tricks & healthy recipes below that don't require too much faff & are healthy & enjoyable...


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