"Poop There it is" Embarrassing Moments of a Runner

Ok, so for any of you runners out there, you know all too well what this means. You've trained hard, hydrated & got a good nights rest. You're now well into your race and something isn't feeling right. Maybe it was the broccoli you had with dinner last night, thinking "this is a healthy option". Don't poop   Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now! What do you do? This is actually a fear and reality for many runners. Thankfully, most half and full marathons now have portable toilets along the course. But, you also lose time if you stop. Do you hold it in and go for the faster time? What happens if you can no longer hold it and there is no porta potty nearby? Well, this is where the embarrassment can come in. I've never experienced this personally, but have heard of accidents happening to others. image Be extra careful of what you eat the night before, and morning of your race. And...If you have to really go during your race, please stop at the porta potty. Maybe you'll make up the few minutes lost, once you lighten the load anyway.

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