Another type of Transformation

You have seen a lot of transformations  in the dailyhiit blog. Today you will see another kind of the way to a new life.

This is poor Tiny, the Rottweiler.

Tiny1 The Sanctuary rescued Tiny from a death pound, where he was awaiting euthanasia. He was in a bad way, both physically and mentally. His body had full-blown demodectic mange, with open sores, bloody patches & very little fur on an emaciated body. The people who asked The Sanctuary to take him in was that he was aggressive.


Seán McCormack, who was volunteering at the shelter at the time said: “He looked like he had given up on life. I fell immediately in love with the large, loveable Rottie with an ironic name. I moved into a new apartment just so I could adopt him. He is now a beautiful and very well loved dog."


He was treated by YANGMING Veterinary Hospital and in a few months everybody see how he was bigger, stronger, happier and healthier. Now he is a gentle giant he enjoys loving everyone back. He takes no nonsense from other dogs, though, and is a very firm but fair pack leader.

Just after Chinese New Year 2013 Tiny went to his great new home. A lovely lady named Leila adopted him. She fell in love with the big guy and knew he would make a perfect lifetime companion.

Good luck Tiny!

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