Positive Motivation = Better Exercise

Did you know that thinking positive thoughts can boost the effectiveness of your workout? We're not talking thoughts about happiness, sunshine, and adorable kitties, but we're referring to happy exercise memories. Science Daily published the results of a study done by The University of New Hampshire. The researchers leading the study asked college students to think about times when they enjoyed doing exercise, and they kept those memories in their minds as they did the workout. The college students that brought up those positive exercise memories did more workouts than the students who had only negative memories or none at all. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Source: bionews-tx.com[/caption] Why does this work? According to the author of the study Matthew Biondolillo, the happy memories give you a positive self-image of yourself as a person who is in shape, works out, and is healthy. It also instructs your mind on how to feel during the exercise, so you feel happy during your workout simply because you felt happy about working out in the past. So, next time you're feeling a bit pooper about hitting the gym or doing that HIIT workout, think about the last time you enjoyed the session and use that memory to power you through!
Featured image source: cityhealthclub.com

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