Positive Thinking

Making the decision to live a healthy and active life one step is a tough one. A lot of people leave out is positive thinking when they decide to work on their fitness. Negative thoughts will effect your journey to a healthier and better version of yourself. After all, you are what you think. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts towards yourself you will not see the positives. If you put your negative thinking aside you will then be able to see your strengths and weaknesses more realistically. Shedding negative thinking is not as easy as it sounds. However, when you choose to have a more positive outlook you will automatically start feeling better and bring yourself to a better state of happiness with yourself and your current situations. Working out is tough and if you are starting with negative thinking it isn't going to help. Try going into your workouts positively and finishing positively. Instead of saying "that was so hard." Start saying "that was hard but I did my best!" Just a few word changes can make a huge difference in your outlook and how you will feel when you walk away from that workout. Some key points to help with positive thinking:
  • Try meditation and relaxation techniques help to consciously clear the mind of negative emotions and thoughts.
  • Work on stilling the mind as soon as you think of something negative. This will help you focus and be more self aware and open your mind to new possibilities.
  • Let go of stresses that are beyond your control and focus on yourself.
  • Make up a key word to remind yourself to be positive.

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