Is It Possible That Your Grocery Bag Is Having An Impact On Your Weight?

You're doing the right thing. You bring your own, reusable grocery bag, to the store. Yay, you! But there is a chance that this move isn't doing you any favours in the weight loss department. In a study that was published in the Journal Of Marketing, researchers conducted experiments to figure out how grocery bags influenced people's purchases. In the first trial they looked at data from grocery stores' loyalty programs from over 2 million shopping trips. Then they compared purchases from the same customers when they brought their own bags and when they didn't. They discovered a strong correlation between bringing your own bags and stocking up on foods that were full of empty calories. These people were also more likely to buy organic foods. What? In the second experiment, researchers asked 111 participants -- mostly women -- to visualize a hypothetical trip to an imaginary grocery store. They were given a map and asked to pick the 10 foods they were most likely to purchase. They all had the same make and the same list of foods to choose from. The only difference in the groups was that some had their own bags, some did not. After reading through the picks, the researchers found that those who brought their own bags were more likely to make 'indulgent' purchases. So, why does being green make you want to buy junk food? The study's authors have suggested that bringing your own bag makes you feel like you are doing something good and you continue this feeling by buying organic food items. But because of all this 'goodness,' you're also more likely to feel like rewarding yourself with a little treat. The researchers have pointed out that more work needs to be done in investigating this link but it is an interesting find. At least now that you know this is a possibility, you can think more consciously while you shop. Be mindful of what you put in that cart! Do you think this is hogwash or do find some merit in this idea of rewarding oneself with a treat? Source: Women's Health  

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