Postpartum Workout: Day 4

I know I know, I skipped writing for a couple of days. I didn't want to give you a play by play of every sore part on my body each day. It would have sounded more like I was complaining then actually excited to be working out again. I did skip one day, which was yesterday. It was Super Bowl Sunday and instead I found myself eating a piece of gluten free chocolate cake that my grandmother made for me.  Today, it was back to the daily grind of working out.

I did two separate workouts today. One included arms and the other was Pilates. The first workout that I did was the Monday Hiit Body work out #16.  I did have to modify it due to the intensity level, but it really helped me to get my heart rate up, and my energy going.  Goodness I HATE pushups. (Even if they are the girly style at the moment.) I mean I love them, but I hate them. I guess right now it's going to be a love hate relationship!

I then went to YouTube and found one of the beginner Pilates workout for thighs and butt also offered by the DailyHiit. I went with the beginner level, because I need to retrain my core all over again.  Lightly engaging the core by working out my butt and legs felt me feeling accomplished, but not over done. Postpartum women need to be extremely careful when engaging their core.  I didn't want to injure my sexy abs, even if they are covered by some fat/skin...

It's amazing to work out again. The DailyHiit is really helping me, and I am hoping that I will start to see results soon! I know that I am definitely feeling them. I will continue to push forward.


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