Postpartum Workout: Two Days of Defeat

I felt it the past two days. Pure defeat with the workout track that I had made for myself. It felt A-W-F-U-L. Let's just say it didn't happen. I had done so well. Yes, I took Sunday off to let my body rest, but I had gotten into a rhythm of working out.

I can now feel that it didn't happen. I just felt to exhausted. My body just didn't feel like it could go, but it feels like pure defeat. (Not to mention the large piece of chocolate cake I ate yesterday. It was gluten free of course. My grandmother sent it over to me.  It was delightful, but afterwards I felt extremely guilty for eating the piece of chocolate cake.)

Last week, each day that I worked out my headache would leave, but now my headache is back with vengeance. Not to mention that now my back is killing me. I know I don't have a lot of energy because I'm a new mom, but working out always gives me a sense of accomplishment and energy to go along with that. See when I work out I feel great afterwards. It's like my whole body comes into alignment when I work out. Although I haven't been working my core extremely hard, I can tell that I haven't worked it at all.

I feel extremely defeated.  But, today I WILL work out. Today, I WILL accomplish my goals.  I am going to get past this defeat. I am going to get past the way I view myself, and I am going to push forward. Yes, my head is pounding, and my back hurts. But, I know once I start working out all of that will melt away. Today, I am extremely excited to get my workout on through the DailyHiit and to get closer to my goal!



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