Posture Perfect

Listen to your momma and stand up straight! Good posture not only makes you look confident, it is also the fastest way to look 10 pounds lighter. Doesn't matter how tight your abdominals are, slouching forward creates rolls around your midsection and makes your appear inches shorter than you are. It is also just a horrific stress on your spine and back. Great posture may seem as simple as rolling your shoulders back and sticking out your chest - and in one regard, it is - but unfortunately sitting in front of computers, in cars and in front of the TV for hours on end has done nothing to help us build and maintain good foundations. Here are a few tips to help you keep your headlights on the balcony:

1) MOVE!

Yes, get up and move around. Sitting around in your office chair may seem passive enough, but staying in that position for prolonged period will cause muscles to tire. The result? The dreaded slouch. Slouching puts pressure on your neck, spine and back. Getting up and walking, stretching or even standing will alleviate this pressure. Also, exercise regularly to help build a solid muscle infrastructure.

2) Be Mindful

We know, staring at a screen for hours on end is mind-numbing, but try to think about your body. Think about sitting up straight, keeping your ears, shoulders and hips aligned. You can even lean forward with a straight spine to alternate positions and avoid muscle fatigue.

3) Uncross Your Legs!

Ladies, we’re looking at you. Uneven seated positions will not help your posture. You can be demure without damage.

4) Stay Loose

It may seem at odds with staying mindful, but you do not want to be so overprotective of your posture that you stiffen your body. Your body is designed for movement. Being too rigid will simply lead to muscle fatigue, and yes, more bad posture.

5) Invest in Your Success

If you’re one of the millions who has a sedentary job, front the cash for a good quality ergonomic chair. It will help support your spine and save you the pain later on.

Try some of our AWESOME yoga workouts to help you with your terrible posture!

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