From Pot Belly to Ripped Abs in 7 Weeks: This Father of 5 Shows You How It's Done

Julius Kieser, a 34 year old former personal trainer and fitness writer from Australia who understands how hard fitness can be when you have a kid-make that FIVE kids. "I used to be in denial about how sloppy I had become," he admits. "Once I started taking photos, I realized how much I had been lying and hiding from myself. I felt like I was not man enough to be the father of five children." 'Worst of all, I knew what to do. As a fitness author, who made a living telling people how to stay in shape, one would expect me to treat my body like a temple. But I didn't, I just drowned myself in excuses and denial. And of course a lot of food.' Due to a financial issues in 2014, things became stressful for Julius and we all know what stress does - it took a toll on his physical health and lifestyle. He worked long, hard hours to help support his kids and wife and unfortunately, his health sat on the back burner and he ate whatever he could that was fast and convenient. cloth_diaper It wasn't until Julius' father died when reality sank in. He stated that at the funeral, he saw his brother who works a lot more than Julius does, but still maintains a nice and fit physique. This was just the motivation that Julius needed to change. Instead of choosing between him health or work, he realized that he could do both without sacrificing one for the other. 'I created a program for myself using periodised strength and conditioning that would allow me to use my kids as resistance, so that I could play with them and get exercise in. Kids make great kettlebell replacements, and even better personal trainers because they won't ever stop asking for "one more rep".' 'Every meal is accounted for and calculated in advance, so I don't have any way to cheat. I created a web app that calculated what my calories and macros needed to be in order to get to my body fat goal. Once I had calculated it, I designed a meal plan for the day that I stuck to every single day,' he explains. abs The result? In barely eight weeks, this father of five transformed his body and lowered his body fat percentage from 20% to less than 8%. The look of his newly chiseled body was not the only reward for Julius. abs He states, "The weight loss was secondary. I had become far more efficient at work, and as a result of the good food, became a lot kinder with the kids, who I would involve with my exercising. They deserved fun from me, not work related anger." Source: The Daily Mail      

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