Power Leg Day

Recently, I asked a good friend of mine to help design a workout for both my male and female clients.  Men sometimes think that a body weight or a Plyometric workout wont work as well for them as it does women.  So after a few trial and errors we came up with the perfect workout that is great for women and with a little bit of added weight; can be a killer for the men also. Complete each of the exercises 3 times through for 20 reps before moving onto the next. 1) Elevated close stance squats 2) Wide Stance Squats 3) Goblet Squats (Squats with a dumbbell or plate held straight out in front of your body) 4) Walking Weighted Lunges 5) Box Jumps 6) Lateral Box Jumps Watch the video below to see how to do the exercises as demonstrated by Mike Shadwick.  You can also see more leg videos featuring him on instagram at @smtravis13.1 [embed]http://youtu.be/C0xteGmDehE[/embed]

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