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Music is a huge motivator for me; it can turn any workout into a fun challenge so I can work it out. The first step after any breakup or emotional trauma is forcing yourself to get back on the horse. Here are some songs to get you moving during our Breakup Challenge (coming soon!). I am going to split this list into two parts, PART ONE:

Break-Out Playlist

“Gonna Fly Now” - Bill Conti/The Rocky Orchestra  This song is a great start to the mix. Maybe you don’t feel like getting off the couch yet but trust me. Stand in the middle of the room with your eyes closed, fists clenched and, if you are not jumping side to side and punching the air already, by the end you will be ready to jump in the ring. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy Now we’re going to build momentum. The opening sequence of this song always gets me pumped when I run. It’s a little angry, super catchy and high energy. Victory  - Puff Daddy Keep your eye on the prize with Victory. We slow down the tempo to one best suited for pushups, planks and pull-ups. A fight song from way back, dig in and dig deep. Wings - Little Mix Hear me out before you dismiss this song, guys. This is a song about perseverance and transformation. You fall back down and get back up, no one can break you. After an emotional let-down we all need to build ourselves up for the next move; Wings does just that. Work Hard Play Hard - Wiz Khalifa Here the work begins. You know it’s tough but you got this. There is an army of bodyrockers behind you who work hard, play hard and they are part of your support system. Part anthem, part party song…Khalifa  will keep your momentum up. Walk – Pantera You want a challenge? This is the ultimate fight song. Let your anger, frustration and hurt out on the floor and kick its ass. You control the situation now. Change Your Life - Iggy Azalea We’ll adjust the beat a little– transformation coming, you can see it ahead. Think about all the parts of your body and how what you are doing, right now, is affecting that change. “Baby, I can help you make that change. Show you how to do this thing.” Black Dog - Lead Zeplin Awwww yeah! Its time to pick it back up. Feel the sweat as you ramp up your workout. This song always gets me excited and makes me want to go fast. (Want to punch it up? Try sprinting your high knees or mountain climbers during the guitar solos within the verses.) Burn it Down - Linkin Park No one likes to be reminded that change is painful but, to me, this song is the ultimate healer. Maybe your life was on fire and now you stand in the ashes wondering why. Just remember: to build muscle you have to tear it down. To go the distance you have to burn the lactic acid from your legs. Sometimes you have to break it all down to start over and that’s what we do here. It’s the start of your breakthrough. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor Don’t. Even. Get. Me. Started. I don’t care if you are a rocky fan or not, this song is bad ass. Get out your jump ropes, run some stairs. We’re building you up again because you are a survivor. Bad Girls - M.I.A. Again, guys, don’t let this song fool you. The power in this track is amazing. It’s sexy and inspires perfect form. We’re almost finished so keep moving! Killin' It – Krewella PUSH! You know you want to finish strong. This entire workout has been a challenge and now you are killin’ it. Get that last rep in and …rest. You are probably breathing hard. Let the ending wind you down. Grab that water, virtual high-five – you deserve it.  Come back  for PART TWO – The Breakthrough playlist.

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