Power Playlist PART TWO

I hope you had a chance to try the Breakout Playlist. If not - make sure you save it for the upcoming Breakup Challenge. That was the first part of my Power Playlist series as I aim to share more of my favorite tracks in the future. If you enjoyed it, great! I am glad you are back for more. You were sad, maybe angry and now you have to move on. The Breakthrough Playlist will help you do just that. Every song is about you, your strength, your power, your ability to overcome every challenge. Simply put, you are not afraid to take on life. Are you ready? Let’s go. images

Breakthrough Playlist (PART TWO)

Remember the Name – Fort Minor

You came back. Shake out those limbs, punch the air and bob your head to the beat. You are ready to spend time with yourself and on yourself; healing and gaining strength every minute. Focus now, do not look back.  Murda Bizness - Iggy Azalea Warmed up? Good. It’s time to build your ego and there isn’t anyone better than Iggy. It takes a lot of moxie to be a white girl from a foreign country trying to rap. Somewhere inside you, you are made of the same stuff. You are so put together you intimidate the shit out of people. This workout is nothing…just part of the Murda Bizness. Your the Best - Joe "Bean" Esposito If you’re ego wasn’t built completely off that last track, it will be when we are finished here. Ladies, it’s okay if you don’t recognize this song? Everyone needs a refresher in their Karate Kid knowledge. My husband listens to this on every run. I don’t blame him; I swear I hear Miagi in my head. Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) - Cazzette Speed it up. Lets settle into this workout. You know what you have to do. Get high off the ground, don’t look down. Don’t stop now. Iron Man - Black Sabbath Focus takes strength. We already know you are strong because of where you are right now. Break it down, get tough and settle in. It’s time to work. If you didn’t already know, this is one of the most bad-ass songs every written. Feel the guitar radiate through you as you explode those reps. Static X - Push It Continuing on into the meat of your workout…we are going to get a little savage. It’s okay grit your teeth and growl. When you get to the top you can look back down at the mountain you just climbed. You don’t have to speak. Let the air out through your nose and move on. Incredible (Original Mix) - Carnage Feel the near-tribal beat. Don’t give up. When I hear this song I often feel like punching the air or hitting the pavement with my feet. Bonfire - Knife Party Change the beat. The beat of this song will help you get in the groove. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your body so focus on the right here, right now. Go Get it - T. I. We are slow it down some more so we can really focus. I don’t care who you are – T.I.’s rhymes almost always take on a sexy vibe, this song is no different. The sweat feels like fingers down your back and chest. You want it? Go get it. You Don't Know – Eminem Let’s continue the pace. No one has this locked down like you. Protect those assets – reinforce your body. You aren’t moving slowly, you’re slipping and sliding through each movement. It’s almost dance-like; your form and your actions blending in perfect time. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis  Final push. I don’t have to tell you what this song is about. We are building momentum for a strong finish. Nothing can hold you back. Put your hands up and let this song carry you to the end. Levels - Avicii Final push – close to the end. You should be tired but feel amazing. Put your arms out wide, close your eyes and imagine the sun on your body. Let that happiness flow through you. You are incredible. Every day you are building towards a good future; sound mind and body. Are you proud? You should be. Every step is closer to your goal – whatever that might be. Congrats Bodyrocker. Grab that water, virtual high-five.

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