Power of the Super Set: How to Maximize your Workouts

Power of the Super Set: How to maximize your workout routine You just completed a set of hang cleans to front squats and are feeling sweaty, out of breathe and needing some water...but, you are determined to mold and transform your body and really want push it to the limits. How do you accomplish this? The answer: Super Set. A super set is a set of exercises in between your major set or power lift that keeps your heart rate up and does not let your body go back into a steady aerobic state. An example of super setting is as follows: 10 front squats Super Set: 10 push ups X 4 rounds Advantages of Super setting your workouts: 1. Metabolic Boost--keeps your metabolic state in full fire, increasing your metabolism and causing your body to go to your fat cells for energy. (Fat burn). 2. Maximizing Endurance--the less rest time at an aerobic to anaerobic state helps your body to build up endurance and gradually be able to go harder, faster and become stronger. 3. Muscle confusion--which leads to muscle molding and toning and extreme calorie burning. Examples of great exercises to use as super sets in your workout routines: 1. High knees for 30 seconds to a minute 2. Leg lifts for 30 seconds to a minute 3. Push ups for sets of 10-15 4. Step-ups onto a bench for 30 seconds each leg 5. Jump rope for 30 seconds to a minute Super sets not only aide in the building of your fitness levels, but they make workouts fun and give your body a transition in between lifts. Try to incorporate at least one of the exercises I listed above into your normal lifting routine for a workout regime that you will love. You probably won't be able to exercise any other way after! Good luck! Beast Mode


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