Powerful Legs Workout & Set It Right Challenge

Set your interval timer to 40 seconds work 20 seconds break.  You will go through these exercises 3 times. 1. Angle Lunge Right Left and 3 Deep Squats using Power Blocks 2. Backward Lunge Left and Right Power Blocks 3. 5 Pogo Hops Left and Right 4. Single Leg Squat Left Leg Power Blocks 5. Single Leg Squat Right Leg Power Blocks Set things right. We all have done things in the heat of the moment that were not the best reflections of our true character. It's easy just to let the embers of those emotions lay and move on. Time can heal, but coals left to cool on their own can spark back to life and ignite an emotional firestorm. When we look back on our journey it shouldn't look like a blackened wasteland of burnt out relationships and missed opportunities. If there are patches that have been consumed in the flames we can replant, rebuild and regrow. Soil that has been fed by fire is the richest place to sew a seed of hope and renewal. Instead of walking away from the simmering coals of emotional conflicts put them out by setting things right. Take responsibility for your actions, your words and your deeds and make amends. Apologize from the heart, make restitution if you were in the wrong with an act of kindness and silently bless everyone involved. In the place on anger and resentment you will feel a rush of peaceful accomplishment fill what was once a smouldering ash heap of emotional baggage. It will set you free and make room for good things to come your way. Chances are you have a situation in your life that is a fire hazard. Challenge yourself to set it right. Best, Freddy Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Main Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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