Powerful Real Time Sweat Workout.

Check out our new guest host Lish in today's Real Time Sweat Workout!!! If this mother of 3 can do it so can you!!! So you may have noticed we have changed things up. Two years ago when we originally tried the real time format here on BodyRock it was too much for us to take on. We have doubled down and pushed out of our comfort zone, and as always when you break out of what is comfortable, a world of possibility opens up. I believe that the workouts that we are bringing you guys now are the best BodyRock has ever been. Our videos are just about the same length as before, but now you can follow the workouts right along with Sean & Lisa and check for tips and modifications right on the screen. BodyRock will always be sexy - because we believe that the body is beautiful and something to be celebrated - but the focus is now more on the exercises - which is something that a lot of you guys have been requesting. You can now share our workouts with friends and family without the whole preamble that usually went something like this... "the workouts are awesome and inspirational but sometimes the shots can be a bit ummm...." :) We are also expanding the team to include some new trainers and personalities. This will fully kick into gear this fall, but we have some new people coming on board over the summer starting today with Lish. I hope you guys will make her feel very welcome. She has been BodyRocking with us for years - through 3 pregnancies now and she is just a huge inspiration for us all - especially all of you moms out there looking to get back into your training. Lish will be a regular contributor moving forward :) We have a lot of great things planned! If you need extra motivation please come over to the main Facebook page here - we are posting your before and after pages and sharing meals and diet tips every single day! Connecting with the community will help you stay focused and on track! Best, Freddy P.S. - Please take a minute to "like" this workout above. It's one click of a button but it shows Sean and Lish that you guys support them. Set your interval timer to 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. (Beginners try 30 seconds or take breaks and modify where needed).  This workout is a total of 12 minutes!  Set your timers for 12 rounds if you are doing 50/10. Workout Break Down 1) 2 Switch Lunges 2 Jacks 2) Elevated push ups or Elevated Crockadile Push Ups Using the BodyRock Equalizer 3) Touch Downs 4) Squat Jumps Touching The Floor 5) Dive Bombers 6) Half Burpee Sand Bag Rows or Dips Using the BodyRock Equalizer or using the Sandbag ***BodyRock Equalizer $20 Off with "BodyRockEQ" code Sandbag 10% off using "BodyRock" code

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