Practice being…..

It’s normal to have aggravations, stressful events, crabby encounters, and all the other experiences during a typical day that put us in bad moods. Life has its ups and downs. The next time your computer crashes, your high heel breaks, and a cup of coffee spills on your lap while the person next to you is screaming at you, just take a breath and say to yourself, “People and things are the way they are, not the way I expect them to be.” Yep, it’s that easy. Unrealistic expectations are what make us unhappy. When you can accept that life isn't’ always the way you would have planned it, it will instantly change your mood. Nobody or no event makes or breaks your life unless you let them/it and no one is going to make our dreams come true for is our job to get up every day and work toward things that are deepest in our heart... and to enjoy every step of the journey rather than wishing, something or someone would change. Practice accepting the journey.... as this moment right now is your life so you may as well make it enjoyable.  This moment is also your moment to make a change and your chance to become one step closer to your goals. Your life is in your hands, you can either sit and complain and talk about what is or you can get out there and change what is and become who you want to be.  If you always do what you have always done you cannot expect something different and wonderful to happen. Become a victim or victor, positive or negative they are both the same work but one creates the life you do not want and the other creates the life of your dreams…..I know which I choose.  Accept the journey; accept your life, practice being in your life instead of complaining about it and wondering why it does not change.  Practice being here and now so you can make the most of this very moment to put yourself one step closer to your dreams, your goals and making what you have always wish for become reality. Here is a workout to get you one step closer to your fitness dreams becoming reality. Workout 2 Do not allow your wounds to turn you into the person you are not Beginner Either complete as a 2 minute challenge or do 2 to 5 rounds to make it a workout. 30 seconds 3 pulse squat one full squat 10 seconds pause 30 seconds Staggered hand knee push up 10 seconds pause 30 seconds 3 pulse squat one full squat 10 seconds pause 30 seconds Staggered hand knee push up Advanced Complete 4 rounds 30 seconds Squat Ab Twist 5 seconds pause 30 seconds Skull Crushers 5 seconds pause 30 seconds Squat, Kick with Bicep Curl 5 seconds pause 30 seconds Side Lunge Row 5 seconds pause 30 seconds Shoulder Tap Push up Note: If you are a beginner and want to do this workout take out the kettlebell, do the should tap push ups off your knees and you have an excellent beginner workout challenge ;)  

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