Prank It Forward

This April Fools Day, Chelsea Roff was treated to a positive prank by, giving her the best shift of her life. Chelsea is a young waitress, amazing big sister, and in her spare time manages a non-profit organization to help people overcome eating disorders through yoga. If anyone deserves this type of “prank” it seems to be Chelsea. Her co-workers and friends all collaborated to help pull this prank off, and it’s incredibly heart-warming. Oh god, I can’t even. I think there are a few really telling parts about this video, the things that make it clear that Chelsea deserves all of these things and more, even without knowing her personally. A) the fact that everyone in her life was so devoted to making this prank happen, B) She wanted to split the $1000 tip that she was given with the rest of the staff, and C) she was more excited to see an old friend than about getting a new car. Prank-it-forward I think the best part of this whole thing is the commenters’ reactions. Here are just a few of the gifs and comments posted in response to this video, all of which I whole-heartedly agree with: prankitforward gif prankitforward gif3   prankitforward2prankitforward3 prankitforward gif4 prankitforward gif2  

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