Pre-Workout Sins: 4 Mistakes You're Making That Harm Your Results

We are always concerned with our performance at the gym, but what are doing before our workouts that could potentially be screwing them up? We reveal the 4 most common mistakes people make pre-workout that effect their entire fitness routine!

#1 Oversleeping

"Power napping" before your workout is fine if you keep your sleep sesh to under 30 minutes. A shorter nap produces energy and a boost of focus, but oversleeping can result to lethargy and sluggishness.

#2 Stretching

Okay, hear us out. In recent years, scientists have discovered that the common protocol of always stretching your muscles before hitting the uber-intense gym equipment is actually not advisable. Stretching "cold" muscles can cause pulls and strains and it can result in muscles losing flexibility. Stretched muscles can even have reduced strength than those who were not stretched pre-workout. Stretching lightly is advised for cardio workouts, but it can be skipped for other activities. Warm ups for the gym can include jumping jacks and movement that gets your heart rate up.

#3 Stressing

Stress is hailed as they "muscle killer". Stress causes the body to store more fat and can deteriorate muscles. It will leave your gym performance disorganized and distracted which can cause accidental injury. Try relaxing, meditating or doing a little yoga before hitting the gym to release stress and tension.

#4 Overeating

Proper pre-workout nutrition will give your body all the necessary nutrients to complement your fitness regime and help you recover afterwards. But overeating can lead to nausea and cramps due to your stomach struggling to digest a large meal while in motion. Plus your body will be pumping more blood to your stomach to try and help it out, while leaving your muscles depleted of blood. So grab a banana (nature's PowerBar, they say), fibrous oats or a high quality smoothie to increase your metabolic rate. These pre-wokrout munchies will keep you performing at your peak.

Are you guilty of any of these pre-workout sins? Let us know!



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