Are Pregnant Women Being Bullied for Being Fit?

A recent story broke of a personal trainer who was still in the gym working out at 35 weeks pregnant and she received a ton of rude stares and comments for it. Sara Haley, pictured below, had endured comments such as "Your butt looks too big" and "Those are the worst stretch marks I've ever seen"-from other women, all while working out at the gym! haley20n-9-web Women are encouraged to perform exercises each and every day by their doctors. They are also told that you may continue doing anything that you were doing prior to pregnancy-as long as your body is conditioned for it and as long as it does not involve you getting hit in the stomach or falling down. These days, women are told to "relax" and to "feed that baby" during their pregnancies which more often results in a larger weight gain during those 40 weeks than those who worked out actively and ate healthily. The concept of "eating for two" and "not lifting anything over 10 lbs-15 lbs" is certainly outdated. Each and every woman's body and pregnancy is completely different.  DSC_0009 I worked out til the day I gave birth and I remember seeing comments such as "You're going to self induce an abortion" or "Shaken baby syndrome" when internet trolls saw that I was still doing CrossFit at 38 weeks pregnant. It blew my mind, but I knew I was doing what was best for me and my baby. I gained a healthy 30 lbs, birthed a healthy 8 lb 7 oz baby, and lost my weight within a week or two-all thanks to exercise and clean eating during pregnancy. Again, each and every body is so different-some women have difficult pregnancies due to health related issues and are unable to workout-which is another story. If you are able, then go for it! If you choose to workout until you give birth during your pregnancy-kudos to you! Don't take any negativity or criticism. As long as you have your doctor's approval, listen to your body, take it easy, and enjoy a fit pregnancy. Are you currently pregnant and have endured any rude comments or questions for continuing your workout from family members, friends, or complete strangers?

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