Pretty Bad Ass Workout

. . Hi BodyRockers, . B is for Boring. Everyone I speak to is bored. No matter where we are in the world it seems like we are sitting in the same Starbucks drinking the same $5 coffees. We typically visit the same handful of sites. Those of us who still watch TV all watch the same handful of shows. Essentially the same shops are everywhere selling usthe same stuff that we don't need. We spend money to temporarily alleviate boredom. I do this at the drug store. I can kill 10 minutes looking through the best floss options, and I'm convinced that my recent obsession over having the freshest breath scientifically possible is just another huge minty distraction. Why are we so bored? Movies help - food is a go to party in your mouth for most people, combine the two and you have the couch potato winter olympics. Travel is the best cure for boredom that exists, and I believe it's the secret to why most celebrities seem to pull off looking happy even when they are having melt-downs. They might be crazy but they are constantly moving that crazy around. Most of us can't pick up on a moments notice and jet off somewhere sunny and fabulous, but at the heart of travel is movement - and moving your body is the most practical way  of changing things up. There are a million ways to do it - biking, jogging, running, dancing, skipping, swimming, walking - BodyRocking :) Movement releases the feel good chemicals, it takes you places, it opens up the world around you. Now add music and soundtrack your life - and you are moving and grooving all at once. If you are bored, frustrated, fed up or just feeling a lack of inspiration and motivation in your existence then before you sink into a funk try a little bit of movement. Most people are stuck in a rut because they won't move out of it. Get up and shake your tail feathers. Freddy *If you are at work get up and take a leisurely stroll down to the can - and take the long way back :) . Todays Workout: . [wobreakdown] . Workout Break Down: . Set your interval timer to 24 rounds 30 seconds work 10 seconds break! . 1. Half Burpee Sand Bag Swing - using the Sandbag 2. Inner Thigh Leg Left - using the Equalizer 3. 1 Leg Stagger Push Ups 4. Inner thigh Right - using the Equalizer For $20 OFF TH . Tutorial Video: . .  

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