Prevent 'Gym Hands': 4 Ways To Keep Skin Soft and Smooth

Hitting the gym (or working out at home!) has a range of amazing health benefits from increasing your energy level to stimulating your neurological functions. While working out can do your body good, there is one downside (particularly for weight lifters) that can leave you feeling some pain.

'Gym hands' is the condition caused by using workout equipment that leaves skin raw, callused and dry. Weights can lead to calluses while the rubber material which covers many machines is known to cause eczema (extremely dry and painful skin).

These conditions can be itchy, irritating, and downright embarrassing. Imagine having to shake people's hands with these workout battle scars intact! But not to worry, this problem can be prevented with these four top tips.

#1 Wear Gym Gloves

The most of obvious of these four tips is to simply protect your skin with gym gloves. They are inexpensive, easy to throw in your gym bag and don't carry the stigma that one may think they do. Gloves are used by many athletes to keep their hands safe from irritation. A lot of dudes rock gym gloves when they hit the weight room. If you're new to the gym and want to spare your hands, invest in a pair.

#2 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Men and women can benefit from moisturizing their skin daily, especially in the cold winter months. Make a habit of applying an intense moisturizing cream twice a day (in the morning and before bed). Choose a cream with natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe vera gel for a really strong effect. This will also prevent your hands from becoming so dry that they crack and invite in infectious germs.

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#3 Soak Your Hands

Soften up your hands by soaking them once a day. Simply dip them in warm water and epsom salts for 15 to 30 minutes. You can apply some soothing coconut oil or cream after they have been soaked. You can also scrub them lightly with a pumice stone to remove calluses and dead skin cells. This daily ritual will gradually make a lasting difference in the appearance and texture of your skin.

#4 Don't Pick Calluses

It can be very tempting to want to pick and peel at your callused skin, but you should never do this. It can get rid of the problem temporarily, but in the long run make things ten times worse.  Your skin will grow back thicker and tougher, making new calluses harder to shed.  Follow the tips above and be proactive about your skin!

Try these helpful tips and let us know your results! How do you heal your hands from dryness and calluses?

Source: Elite Daily

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