You Were Probably a 90's Kid If....

Ohhhh the 90's. Who could ever forget? Let's take a trip down memory lane for a moment, because you were probably a 90's kid if.... These 3 girls were stuck on replay on your portable CD player. bootypop1 This terrorizing little piece of shit woke you up in the middle of the night. (did anyone else's do that??) bootypop1   You wore these around like a badass. bootypop1 You chose your outfits based on what your favorite Spice Girl was wearing that day. bootypop1 You owned one of these, though they only played like a minute of the damn song. You didn't care. bootypop1 You repeatedly asked your mom to get you a McDonalds Happy Meal because you only wanted another Beanie Baby.. and when you got the same one as yesterday, your life was ruined. bootypop1 You had a favorite Power Ranger. bootypop1 THIS! bootypop1 You wore these around, like a boss. bootypop1 Oh, and these. I always wondered how on Earth they did this?! bootypop1 And finally (most importantly), your childhood consisted of belting out the words to: 90s-Hakuna-Matata   What consisted of YOUR 90's childhood?    For free diet plans, workouts, and recipies, double click on the image below: URLSmall

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